The Expert's Guide to Building Sustainable Communities Webinar Series

We’ve created this series for municipal leaders, municipal staff and community leaders who want practical tools and advice they can use now. It features expert speakers who understand your world and will offer you practical, proven advice to help you build affordable, sustainable and healthy neigbhourhoods -today. 

Webinar 1: From NIMBY to YIMBY.

A discussion on how to turn “gentle density’ opponents into proponents featuring Kevin Eby, former Director of Community Planning, Waterloo Region.

Thursday June 9, 4 pm   REGISTER NOW.

Webinar 2: “Off the Shelf” Tools: Green Development Standards.

A discussion of real world examples of Green Development Standards in the GGH, featuring Gaby Kalapos, Clean Air Partnership (CAP). CAP is known for providing expert advice on Green Development Standard implementation).

Tuesday June 14th, 4 pm.   REGISTER NOW.

Webinar 3: Building Complete Neighbourhoods With Gentle Density - The Portland Example.

A discussion of Portland's experience in building sustainable communities featuring Michael Anderson, Sightline Institute. Michael played a key role in "re-legalizing" middle housing in Portland Oregon.

Tuesday June 21, 4 pm.   REGISTER NOW

These webinars will be recorded and posted on our website.