January 2023 Update

As we start 2023, it's clear the Greenbelt is under serious attack: Bill 23, Bill 39, the removal of 7,400 acres of precious farmland and natural areas, and many regulatory changes that are undermining important environmental protection. The only silver lining to this is the incredible public backlash to the Province's actions. The public loves the Greenbelt and that is in no small part because of the work Greenbelt supporters have collectively done over the past 15+ years!

We need to continue building public opposition to the Government's disastrous anti-Greenbelt schemes. Below are four actions you can take to help the Greenbelt:

1. Send a letter to your MPP demanding action to find out who leaked insider information about the Greenbelt (thanks to Environmental Defence).
2. Get your local Council to adopt a motion to resist the Provincial sprawl agenda that harms the Greenbelt. This document outlines steps you can take to make this happen. Please read it and share it with your community and Council allies.
3. Order your "Hands off the Greenbelt" lawn sign here and let your neighbours know you love the Greenbelt!
4. Join a growing list of unusual stakeholders opposing the provincial sprawl agenda and promoting sustainable communities (and Greenbelt protection). The Alliance for a Liveable Ontario (ALO) is a new space where hundreds of people and groups representing hundreds of thousands of Ontarians are coming together to collaborate. You can also register for the first meeting on January 24 here.

Finally, please consider reaching out to people you know who may care about the Greenbelt, local democracy, farmland protection and environmental protection. You can send them an email expressing your dismay with what's happening and what they can do to stop the Province's disastrous schemes. Feel free to copy content from this post.