How well is the Greenbelt protecting farmland, natural heritage and the species that call these places home? What are the greatest threats to the health of the Greenbelt? How well is growth in Southern Ontario being managed? Peruse our reports to learn more about what the Greenbelt means for the province of Ontario.

Growing the Greenbelt to Protect Vulnerable Water Resources in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Region

The proposed expansion areas were identified through consultations with community organizations, Conservation Authority staff, professional ecologists/hydrologists, and elected officials. Over 100 community groups across the region support growing the Greenbelt and shaping future growth to protect critical drinking water sources, healthy watersheds and rivers, and an abundant supply of clean water for agriculture and other businesses. Three quarters of residents in the region feel it’s important to continue to grow the Greenbelt and nearly all agree that protecting our water resource systems is important to them .
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Ontario’s Greenbelt Under Threat: A study of what’s at risk

Ontario’s world renowned Greenbelt prevents urban sprawl and protects Ontarians’ access to local food, clean drinking water and natural areas. But Ontario’s Greenbelt is threatened by development, infrastructure proposals, dumping of contaminated soil and more. Read our new study, Ontario’s Greenbelt Under Threat: A study of what’s at risk for details about threats to the Greenbelt and what you can do to help strengthen the Greenbelt. Visit the report website here.

An Evening of Discussion

An evening of discussion:
These three land-use plans are up for review in 2015:
Oak Ridges Moraine – Greenbelt – Niagara Escarpment
Come learn what they are, why they affect you, how to have your say

Wednesday April 9, 2014, 7-9:30 pm
The Kingbridge Centre, King City
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Good Things Are Growing in Ontario

In honour of the Greenbelt’s eighth birthday, the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance released a report entitled, Good Things Are Growing in Ontario: Expanding Ontario’s Greenbelt Through Urban River Valleys. The report shows that over five million more Ontarians would be directly connected to the Greenbelt if the Greenbelt grew along some of the province’s best known rivers and creeks. This is now a possibility, thanks to the province’s new urban river valley designation announced in January.

In the report, the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance recommends that the municipalities of Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Markham, Guelph and Hamilton use the new designation as a further layer of protection for their urban river valleys. The Alliance looks to municipalities listed in the report to be the first to employ the new designation, and hopes that others will follow.